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This Decade - Snowiest on record??

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With so many folks on here and other forums always bemoaning the snow seasons of yesteryear here in the Northeast I thought it might be intereresting to put this into perspective. The below is for my location in the NW suburbs of Philadelphia with local coop records from 1894 to Present. I know others have done some similar analysis as I believe Boston and maybe NYC could also be on all all-time snowy decade pace. If you have local records please post here - thanks!


So far this decade here in Chester County PA we have been averaging 45.0" of snow each season. Normal seasonal snow averages only 35.8" in the County. So, if we were to keep this pace over the remaining 2 winter seasons of this decade we will finish as the snowiest decade since NWS Coop record keeping began in the 1890's. Below are the 13 decades ranked from greatest to least.


1) 2010-2020: 45.0" (partial)

2) 1900-1910: 44.9"

3) 1910-1920: 39.0"

4) 2000-2010: 37.9"

5) 1894-1900: 34.2" (partial)

6) 1920-1930: 33.3"

7) 1980-1990: 33.0"

8) 1960-1970: 31.7”

9) 1990-2000: 31.5”

10) 1950-1960: 25.4”

11) 1930-1940: 24.4”

12)1970-80: 21.7”

13) 1940-1950: 21.6”

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