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What is a wave-breaking event?




I read about wave-breaking events on Anthony Masiello's twitter feed, and saw some mentions about it on this website as well. It seems like it's a parade of low pressures making their way across the N. Atlantic, but I'm not really sure why that leads to blocking and what "wave-breaking" really means. I suppose these would be my questions:

What does "wave breaking" mean in this context?

Why does a wave breaking event lead to blocking?



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4 hours ago, Blessed Weather said:


Without digging into where Anthony was coming from, a good place to get to grips with the basics of planetary waves and wave breaking is the Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rossby_wave


And of course a visit to the 33andrain Research Portal (look under the heading Planetary Waves) where there are dozens of research papers that delve deeper into waves and their impact: https://www.33andrain.com/topic/1532-index-to-papers-and-presentations/


Hope that helps.

Thanks a lot! I will be digging into this information. It seems very interesting. 

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