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The Events Of September 11th 2001

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Good afternoon. I feel that this event in human history is marred, unfortunately, with the fringe conspiracies that are often told by those who have ulterior motives in mind, and by their fellowship who are ignorant on what requires actual research. For this forum here i would like to get a grasp as to what you had experienced that day and what are your questions which arose from this event which were not, satisfactorily,  answered by the two Congressional Inquiries (9/11 Commission & Joint House Inquiry). 

For myself, i have studied the events of 9/11 for the past 13 years, and continues to this day. I run my own YouTube channel and post articles on Medium and Tumblr from time to time. I tend to delve into the geo-political aspect of 9/11, and not the physics. 

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