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Weather Threats: 2020 Edition

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You are out of your mind. This winter has been over for 45 days already. It’s never too early for warmth if it isn’t going to snow. 

Heavy snow.   omg.

The 1st one to post an 840 hour GFS snowstorm next winter gets a 72 hour vacation! 

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The gsdmsolutions site login and password changed a while back. I feel like a politician here lol, but I am once again asking for some support here. Can anyone lead me to a free site that provides plots of GLAAM, AAM, MT, etc? Thank you very much. It would be helpful in my prognostication towards the upcoming winter and the overall atmospheric regime...

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6z GFS and 0z Euro show the possibility of a tropical low coming up the coast. The timing has to be right for it to happen but very interesting the models keep showing it.






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15 hours ago, Snowman11 said:

6z GFS has the storm way ots. Misses the trough. It also lost the cold in the long range.


If this trend Continues next weekend and the following week will be a repeat of this one. Cold for a day or two before Indian summer returns.


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12 hours ago, Snowman11 said:

Nice rainstorm for the coast with snow for the far interior on the gfs. Models are starting to bring back the gulf low they were once  showing.



Its good seeing a storm like this develop this time of year. Rainy coastals in late October is perfect. Keep them coming right into winter.

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