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COVID-19 Pandemic: ~56M Cases, ~1.3M Dead

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And on the other side of the coin, NYCDOH officials reporting zero C19 deaths for 11 July. Preliminary and subject to change, but this is the most significant milestone yet.

A reminder that I saw on Twitter this morning:       “The coronavirus doesn’t care if you’re tired of the coronavirus.”

Man this is short sighted. I have taught high school history for 14 years. This March-June was the hardest I ever worked. My wife was floated to a Covid floor and to overnights for 2 weeks...which tur

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5 hours ago, Jefflaw77 said:

He numbers continue to go in wrong direction... 




Monroe county last 2 days, 6.2 and 8% positive, over 500 cases yesterday and 360 today.


Got the ole swab myself today after developing extreme fatigue and fever for a couple of days. I probably wouldn't have gone in but have a doctors appointment scheduled for Tuesday and they wanted me to get tested before coming in.


Loading up on vit D, vit C, zinc and a few other things. We'll see what comes of it.

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2 hours ago, uofmiami said:

I think we see 5% state positivity at the peak in a couple of weeks.  Upstate regions already 5-6% could get near 10%.

A second peak after Christmas must be anticipated. Cuomo warned the state could reach as high as 12% by 02 January.


After January I do expect a bit more of a plateau and drop before the vaccine(s) start/s to become widely available.

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On 11/27/2020 at 6:00 PM, WxInTheHeights said:

Have at it on this Black Friday...




WNY is raging like a California wildfire at this point - that positive rate is the highest in any NY region since we were at our worst.


Specific 7-day RAs from this tweet below. 




Another week of 2020 gone.


Four Saturdays remain only. Rejoice?



A lot of upstate flailing...of course, we have to remember the data is going to be weird for the next few days.





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1 hour ago, Jefflaw77 said:

For a relatively populous areas - western NY does very few tests... weird 

Maybe people there don't want to get tested?
Unless you go to the hospital, testing is voluntary.

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18 minutes ago, Snowman11 said:

NYC elementary schools open again on Dec. 7 per Deblasio 


Little kids have a really tough time learning online. They're just too young. Elementary makes sense as the first step to going back. 

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24 minutes ago, Sundog said:


Little kids have a really tough time learning online. They're just too young. Elementary makes sense as the first step to going back. 


Ages 5 - 12 are safest in school.


Their IR was .13%


Teachers were .2%


HS and Colleges are one thing, but that age group are fine. 

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