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Current Observations: Met Winter 20-21

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Good morning all from Starkville, MS! Yep, Mississippi that is, where i’m at currently finishing up my degree, and already my semester begins today, although classes have already been cancelled! Crazy

Always reppin   

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Crazy winds here too in Lake Hopatcong.  My puppy is terrified to got outside :)


Keep on losing power for 30-60 seconds, fingers crossed it stays on all night

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3 minutes ago, Anthony Cacchioli said:

The winds are really gusty here. Probably getting gusts in the 30-40 mph range. 

Yeah same here in SW Suffolk, maybe a few in the 40-45 mph range occasionally.

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8 hours ago, Intensewind001 said:

I keep hearing this loud popping noise outside, would anyone know what it could be? Winds have been gusting 40-45 mph so I don't think its tree falling or anything, but its pretty loud

Do you have a wood deck or anything? Could just be the water freezing/expanding

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Morning thoughts...


Overnight, high winds brought cold air into the region. Low temperatures this morning included: Albany: 9°; Allentown: 20°; Boston: 13°; Bridgeport: 20°; Islip: 21°; New Haven: 21°; New York City: 21°; Newark: 21°; Philadelphia: 25°; Poughkeepsie: 18°; and, White Plains: 18°


Today will be mostly sunny, windy, and unseasonably cold. Temperatures will likely top out mainly in the middle 30s in most of the region. With the gusty wind, it will feel more like mid-winter. Likely high temperatures around the region include:


New York City (Central Park): 36°

Newark: 37°

Philadelphia: 37°


Tomorrow will be fair and noticeably milder. Early next week could see the arrival of the warmest weather so far this season.

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3 minutes ago, Jake302 said:

Finally some dry weather for the next 7 days but god forbid it's actually warm at the same time

It's early March.  It's not normal to be all that warm yet.

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29 minutes ago, dmillz25 said:

That early March sun doing work

yeah the same set up a month ago and we're not pushing 20 degrees.  (today is closer to 30 or 35 for most areas)

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3 minutes ago, Psv said:

This wind can stop anytime now. March is the worst for wind, truly terrible. 

I don't have the exact numbers, but I believe March is statistically the windiest month of the year.

Get ready for more 30-40 MPH gusts Thursday and Friday.

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