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Met Winter 20-21: Pattern Drivers & Evolution

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How we open Dec.


Great job @Grace and I know Greg was N too, but when we bought the warmer opening to Dec, then we caught it later but she was 1st and  never waivered.

Posted November 16

1. DEC 1-25...much colder east of Rockies. A very good stretch of winter...especially DEC 8-25. A very brief cool shot 1st week of DEC begins the change. 




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4 minutes ago, RAllen964 said:

Fair, but I wasn’t envisioning a ULL set up for it. 

Would prefer that ULL to be further east. Hopefully we can get there 


That may run to Chicago or go east of Eric.

I like horseshoe blocks. 


Too far to tell.


It's beats a 580dm ridge centered over State College tho.

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