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The 2020 Election -- Joe Biden Declared Winner 11/7

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1 hour ago, Ctweatherfreak said:

Because there has to be grounds. You really don't get it do you.

"We cannot have a president of the United States who is willing to abuse the power of the office of the presidency and be easily bought off by foreign governments, foreign Chinese energy companies, Ukrainian energy companies."

I’m a big believer of having people in office who are actually willing to do the job, and I can’t imagine people in this country being so fearful of a future of a Biden presidency that they may be willing to commit violence like they did in the Capitol here in Washington, D.C. We cannot have that, I do not condone that violence,”

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Here’s to hoping the next time we have a 296 page thread, we are tracking a HECS within 96 hours on all models. 

Btw... this is a great core group of political junkies we have posting in here. It’s been very informative and we’ve been... mostly well behaved... present company excluded.  Wanted to thank everyone

No, I suck too.  You know why?   Because we’re all in this together.   I’m an American first - I am only as good or as bad as the best or the worst American.   It’s not “

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I can't speculate what would have happened, but mere seconds and 100 feet between the mob and Pence being escorted out of the Senate chamber.

"As rioters overran the U.S. Capitol on Jan 6, an officer guarding the building shook hands with two people in the mob and admitted defeat." 

one Capitol police officer shook their hands, gave one a partial hug, and told them both that 'it's your house now"   according to the account told to an FBI agent.


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“He set us back like 10 years,” Martel wrote. “We have worked so hard to promote our values, values that made him president when he hawked them, and now he does this, leaving everything in shambles? Nah, destroy him. Let it be a lesson to every other ‘populist.’”

Breitbart, like other outlets closely tied to Trump, has shied away from ever directly criticizing him, especially for his election-fraud lies and heated rhetoric leading up to the deadly riot. But the internal chat messages demonstrate that anger over the outgoing president’s role in inciting the MAGA mob has reached even the Trumpiest strongholds of right-wing media.

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5 hours ago, NJwxguy78 said:

Imagine having command of the most powerful country in the world, and 4,000 active nukes, and whining all day every day about how unfair life is. Man.


We may never recover from this boomer tantrum. 

And having billions of dollars in assets?

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12 minutes ago, Snowman11 said:

My partner from work is into conspiracy  theories.  He's insane.

thats comforting

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