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December 16-18, 2020 -- SECS/MECS Mega Thread

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Little note... If you're going to try to take a dump on the people that have tried to forecast this system who have provided their reasoning for days on end, just don't. If you didn't provide any reas

One thing I've begun to notice is the upstream LW trough, which will likely be a key component to how the downstream height response (e.g. Intermountain west ridge --> impacts ultimate s/w trough a

Hey guys, I know this might be slightly off topic (and slightly on topic as well) but I just wanted to announce that I DID infact pass my Dynamics 1 course! It’s been a stressful past two weeks for me

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Just now, DarknessNJ said:

Wouldn’t this be the complete opposite?  Losing amplification and forcing a slightly more progressive regime from the NPAC.

Nope. Lower heights over OR implies a stronger than modelled s/w trough which would end up more amplified in the end most likely.

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22 minutes ago, RoaDawg said:

Clustering west of the mean is apparent.  Rogue members of the EPS outside the BM keeping the mean in check.  However, all still on the table 


Good post. Those East members would be pulling/leaning the mean right as well. 

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