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Just because I am bored. Euro control has this from the overnight. It also just misses with a follow up bomb a few days later for the same areas. And no, I am not calling for this even though there is some very impressive blocking showing up in the N Atlantic and overtop in Canada. But if this period, that is being advertised for the most part on the models, were occurring a month earlier...







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Hey guys.  I live in a different corner of the world than nearly all of you - Israel.  I'm part of the forum as I grew up in the northeast US (Long Island) and still keep up with the weather there at

there’s only so much tracking we can do before we get yelled at by our spouses for neglecting our kids.   replace any of the nouns with school/work/chores and I think it works for most. lol 

I feel like an ass now, cause I ended up getting 11.5 inches of snow, not counting some of the compacting that occurred in-between Sunday night's snowfall and Monday afternoon's changing back over to

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10 hours ago, Rtd208 said:

GFS prior to upgrade= Good For Sh*t.......GFS after upgrade= Still Good For Sh*t


That's what happens when you polish a turd

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