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December 24-25, 2020 -- High-Impact Weather Event

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Good Thursday morning everyone,  Just a quick cut and paste edit.   HIGH IMPACT wind damage and flood potential event by this time Christmas morning. Strongest winds in NJ/ne PA/se NYS rough

Here are some NAM forecast soundings for this upcoming event, compared to some soundings for April 13th of this year, when parts of the NJ shore gusted over 70 and 50+ gusts occurred all the way to Sc

12/24-25:  I think the wind damage potential is the largest threat from this rapidly deepening 980s surface low moving northward up the front into NYS predawn Christmas. SVR's possible (in my mind lik

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14 minutes ago, NJwxguy78 said:

up here I think it was 65. Sent a tree through the back of my house :( just finished repairs.

Well hopefully we all will be ok. With no damage or minor at that. And power outages. 🤞🙏

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i think the immediate coast will have the strongest winds, if there are strong winds i think it will be when the squall line pushes through. I live in a valley and rarely get very strong winds. Those winds in poughkeepsie at 65 mph depicted should be shaved down to 45 mph in gusts.  I dont mind alot of rain and flooding, but to have destruction from winds and massive power outages would be lousy especially for xmas morning.

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local mets are calling for 55 to 65+ gusts up here in RI. widespread power outages. last wind storm we had a 63MPH gust. The lights flickered buy never lost power. A lot of southeast ma lost power in that. If 65+ comes fruition I'm not looking forward to that. Last wind storm was quick this one is going to last a lot longer!!!

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