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25 years ago tonight the euphoria for the updated snowfall totals was incredible

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25 years ago right now as the wait and the preparation for the big blizzard was going on, the update in the models and snowfall accumulation came out and they went from 12-18inches to 24-30 inches!!!


I had not experienced A true blizzard since February 1983 storm And here we were just 12 hours away from the first flakes falling. I will never forget the anticipation of the excitement and the crew euphoria I felt. It was unlike anything I have ever experienced with snowfall and as much as I love the snow, There was something that is truly special and beautiful when you go along time without experiencing a significant in a stark snowstorm because you develop a hunger that is unabated and unequaled When it is compared to other storms you have experienced in your lifetime. 

The intense adrenaline and almost narcotic induced Euphoria that I felt has been unequaled through this day. Oh sure I do get very excited for snow storms and if there is going to be a blizzard it is extra special, But this particular storm was unlike any other and the fact that I was going to experience it in its entire ready made this one of the happiest times of my entire life. 

People get happy for different things in life you marry a beautiful woman or man they have children they have a successful family of course those things should make them happy but there's something about a hobby something that you love to do in your spare time that when it works out right that feeling of happiness and pure joy cannot be matched by anything. And what is even more special is When that happiness and euphoria that you feel is actually delivered and it lives up to his expectations and then some. It is not a Mirage or a cruel prank, it is real and it is yours to cherish for every moment. 

I first got to experience a Blizzard as an 11-year-old child in February 1978 then as a teenager in February 1983 but now I was going to experience one as a fully grown adult in January 1996. 

I sit here now 25 years later Once again feeling happy and euphoric Because oh what a storm that was and it will always be one of the highlights of my entire life. I'm sure I am sure I will see a few more blizzards during the rest of my life but none of them are going to quite measure up to the Blizzard of Jan 1996. 

For those of you Who experienced the Blizzard you understand what I am talking about and will agree with me and for those of you who do not remember it or who were too young damn I wish you could have I really do because it was the experience of a lifetime. 

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