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Weather Threats: Winter 2020-21 Edition Part II

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I think it's safe to say "here we go" for Sunday - Tuesday in the Midwest and Northeast!   The pattern features a west-based -NAO, 50/50 low, large shortwave, confluence ahead of it over New

the fact that we have the signal for an Arctic jet-infused Miller A while a historic blizzard is ongoing and before a highly anomalous blocking pattern resets is totally astounding   LFG

Well, 3rd time is the charm, am I right?    The synoptic evolution preceding this, and during, renders a very impact and high-potential situation here with an anticyclonic wavebreak over S. Que

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14 minutes ago, brooklynwx99 said:

EPS looks great so far


stronger southern stream energy with higher western heights. confluence looks slightly less oppressive, if anything


ezgif.com-gif-maker (3).gif

the changes we deserve to see!


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2 minutes ago, brooklynwx99 said:

I’m as excited about all of this as anyone, as this is one of the best signals I’ve ever seen, but we should wait a bit before we really sound the alarm


by “a bit,” I mean about three days, as that’s when the energy associated with this system will make its way onshore. once this occurs, we should have a much better idea of the system’s evolution.


however, due to the scale of this system, its mostly southern stream origin, and the hemispheric support for it, this could certainly be one of those storms that remains highly consistent on modeling until game time



Yes!  All this energy hits the WC, slams into the Sierras (80-100" of snow along the entire Sierra crest), then has to skip over the great basin and Central Rockies before aggregating on the lee side...so yeah, a ways to go


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