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If people aren't happy with 3-6" after the last winter we had, I don't know what to tell you. 

Looks great to me 

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35 at FRG and 33 at ISP with a mix, interesting variation across the island, south of the LIE generally above 32, north of the LIE generally below 32...temp continues to drop here despite the snow lightening up.

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Picked up a solid 1/2" of snow sleet/zr here in Hillsdale NENJ. Had a great burst for about 45 minutes of moderate snow here at 11:30ish. 

As @Nchaboysaid it looks great outside. Snow is snow and add to the season total. 

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1 hour ago, OHweather said:

Half an inch of crud here plus a glaze of ice. Was nice to track and see impactful winter weather again. 

Don't think I'd even call it 0.5" here, lol but agreed! 

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