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2 hours ago, George said:

I have no idea what happened. I thought we were supposed to get 12-18 in Boston, that’s what the NWS had. The ocean water was too warm I guess, global warming screwed us.

Picked up an inch in the last 45 minutes. Snowing harder than it has all day! looked like dry slotting working in then radar started filling in. Don't know if it's snowing in south eastern MA but they've been under a serious death band for about 3 hours,

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Good morning gang. With the overload of model data available and being analyzed, I thought this morning would be a good time to take a step back and re-analyze this setup from a birds eye view. Often

Give it up for @brooklynwx99 y'all. fairly sure he hasn’t slept since Wednesday!

Any weather-related reason to post right now?     Classic 95 1-2 footer coming IMO. ❄️

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24 minutes ago, DualJet said:

i went out to dig my car out around 4:30. it sounded like sleet until further inspection. It was a bunch of ice clumps, deformed flakes that never really grew, but when looking at it on my jacket and car, it was not sleet at all. wondering if thats what you have

Yeah exactly, that's what happened earlier when I went outside to measure.

It was snow grains or some kind of flakes that had very poor growth.
Definitely not sleet- sleet has a special bounce when it hits.

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Just now, Jefflaw77 said:

LI shafted.. Oh well.

Shafted? If 12-16 is shafted than idk what is not shafted. I have been snow/sleet for the last 3 hours. Its still accumulating as they plow here and it gets covered. Its also insanely windy. 

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1 minute ago, Jefflaw77 said:

whatever falls tomorrow..  NAM shows rain east of the Queens/Nassau Border.

Gotcha i thought u meant the storm portion today 


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