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Although the general "Index to Papers and Presentations" (direct link: Index) has proved to be a popular way to find papers in this Research Portal, there is a way to search for very specific topics using the tags facility. The tags are intended to make it easier for you to search for papers and presentations that contain information relating directly or indirectly to a teleconnection.  You can gather all papers with your nominated tag into a single list. Then you will be able to review the search result list, look at the abstracts and decide which research is relevant to your needs. You have the option to click on the "link to the full paper" which is located under the abstract or summary. This will take you to the source of the research and you can choose to read or download the full paper.


Many research papers cover more than one of the teleconnecions. For example, a paper on the causes of a Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW) may cover the role and interaction of some of the other key drivers such as the El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) state, Atmospheric Angular Momemtum (AAM), Mountain Torque (MT) or the Madden Julian Oscillation (MJO). We have done our best to review all the papers and articles listed in this Portal and allocate the appropriate tags. In the example above we allocate SSW and then one or more of ENSO, AAM, MT and MJO. If a teleconnection only gets a brief and insignificant mention then it is unlikely to appear in the tag list for that paper. The longer and more complex papers are more likely to be allocated the most tags. After reading the paper, if you feel that a particular tag should be included or excluded, we would appreciate you drawing this to our attention.


Instructions for Advanced Search of Content (searching by tag)


To find all papers and articles that have a tag for a particular teleconnection you will need to undertake an advanced search as follows:


- go to the search box in the top right corner of the page and click on the magnifying glass symbol on the right side of that box 

- this will take you to the "Seacrh the Community" page - ignore the large box

- under "Content Search", select "search by tag"

- enter the search term of your choice in that box, using our tag list (see below.) eg:  ssw or mjo (do NOT click)

- under content type, select "topic"

- the "Forums" list appears; scroll down and select "Teleconnections Research Portal"
- you can ignore the other options unless you wish to narrow your search further
- then click on the black "Search Content" box in the bottom right corner
- this will show a list of all the titles which have been allocated to your search tag 

Key to Search Tags


PLEASE NOTE: The tags list below is steadily evolving and more will be added, especially as the number of available research papers steadily increases. When a paper is entered using a new tag (one that hasn't been used previously) we will endeavour to add them to the list. If anyone finds a tag  on a paper that is not included in the list, please can you bring this to our attention. 


Many of the tags are abbreviations but the full word or words is/are shown for some topics.  The following tags, shown in bold type, have been used and are in alphabetical order:


aa - Arctic amplification 

african easterly wave - 

amoc - Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation

antarctica -

arctic sea ice - ice cover and ice loss

arctic warming - 

aam - atmospheric angular momentum

aao - Antarctic oscillation

aco - Antarctic centennial oscillation

amo - Atlantic multi-decadal oscillation

ao - Arctic oscillation 

aogcm - Atmosphere-Ocean General Circulation Model

atmospheric waves -  gravity waves, solar tides,  Rossby and Kelvin waves (see also planetary waves)

blocking - when related specifically to teleconnections

brewer-dobson circulation -

cpw - central Pacific warming

coriolis force - 

coupling - referring to stratosphere and troposphere coupling

critical point - 

cyclogenisis -

eamt - East Asian mountain torque

earth's magnetic field (see under magnetic field) -

educational papers and guides -

el nino - enso warm phase

enso - El Nino Southern Oscillation 

ep flux - Eliassen & Palm Flux

epo - Eastern Pacific Oscillation 

equatorial torques - 

ft - frictional torque

general circulation (of the atmosphere) - 

gcm - global circulation model

glaam - global atmospheric angular momentum (see under aam)

glmt - global mountain torque

global dimming -

global temperatures

gravity -

gravity waves -

gsdm - global synoptic dynamic model

gwo - global wind oscillation

history (of a teleconnection + very early papers) -

hurricanes -

iod - Indian Ocean dipole

jet - jet stream

jet streaks - 

la nina - enso cold phase

magnetic field (earth's) -

major midwinter warming - refer to sudden stratospheric warming (ssw)

mci - meridional circulation index


mjo - Madden Julian Oscillation

mongolian mountains - 

mountain waves - 

mt - mountain torque

multi-decadal variability - 

nam - northern annular mode

nao - north Atlantic oscillation

namt - North American mountain torque

northern hemisphere variability -

npi - north Pacific index

npp - north Pacific pattern

ocean currents - 

oni - oceanic nino index

orographic drag, orographic forcing, orographic waves - this is similar to mountain waves/torque (papers use various terminology)

pco - Pacific centennial oscillation

pdo -  Pacific decadal oscillation

planetary waves - see also under rossby waves

pmo - Pacific multi-decadal oscillation

pna - Pacific/North American (teleconnection pattern) 

polar vortex intensification - 

psa - Pacific/South American (teleconnection pattern)

pv - polar vortex

qbo - quasi biennial oscillation

rrwt - recurring Rossby wave train

rossby waves - see also under planetary waves

sam - southern annular mode

samt - South American mountain torque

seasonal forecasting - 

seasonal wavelengths - see glossary and definitions

sc - solar cycle

solar heating and impacts - 

ssc - sunspot cycle

sst - sea surface temperatures

ssw - sudden stratospheric warming

soi - southern oscillation index

southern hemisphere - 

spv - stratospheric polar vortex

standing waves - 

stationary waves - 


stratosphere -

storm tracks 

teleconnection paths - 

thermosphere -

tibetan plateau -

tmt - tropics mountain torques

tornadoes -

torque - other torques (not ft or mt)

tpv - tropospheric polar vortex

tropical rainfall - 

tropopause - 

troposphere -

volcanic eruptions and volcanism 

vortex intensification - the period when the stratospheric vortex rapidly intensifies in strength

walker circulation -

wave activity flux - 

wave breaking - 

wave reflection - planetary wave-1 reflection involved in stratosphere-troposphere coupling.

winds - 


Please Note:  If anyone wishes to discuss anything that appears on this page, please do so in our “Interactive Area”.  Here’s the link:  Interactive Area

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